A proven approach for integrating character education in classrooms, small groups and at home.


How does character education work?


Educators have long suspected an association between academic achievement and non-cognitive character attributes such as perseverance, motivation, and self-control. Now, research has confirmed that the development of positive character attributes during adolescence has a lasting impact on success in life.


These “hard-hitting soft skills” really make a difference: As students learn to share universal values such as caring, honesty, fairness, responsibility and respect, they don’t just become better students, academic achievement improves and the entire community—not just the school—benefits.


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Research shows that character education makes a measurable difference in academic achievement.

When schools incorporate character education into the lives of young learners, the difference is wide reaching. As students learn to share universal values such as caring, honesty, fairness, responsibility and respect, they don’t just become better students, they become better citizens.


But character education doesn’t just happen; it requires a comprehensive plan, well-thought out curriculum, and specific resources, just like any academic subject. The B.E.E. Academy has developed a proven approach that you can use to produce positive outcomes in your classroom or school, including:


• Develop positive behaviors such as respect, cooperation and compassion


• Teach young learners the value of focus, perseverance and diligence


• Foster ethical behavior that improves your school’s learning environment


• Create a desire for learning and increase academic achievement

Aligning character education with Common Core standards.

Our approach to character education recognizes that schools do not have extra classroom time available for a stand-alone character education program. So we have worked to ensure that our solution is fully integrated with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, making it easy to incorporate Character Education into a typical school day.


Our Curriculum Guides, Activity Kits and supporting materials are specifically designed to make it easy for you to integrate them with your existing curriculum. As a result, character education becomes a part of the lesson plans you already use for  Common Core curriculum. No additional teaching time is required. Our solutions can even be combined with other character education programs.


In addition, the B.E.E. Kids curriculum is fully scripted, so it can be  used by any adult, which makes it perfect for small group activites led by paraeducators. And our curriculum for grades 3–6 is student driven, so no teacher time is needed.

Character, Outcomes, Readiness & Engagement

With The B.E.E Academy model, character education is part of a holistic approach that is designed to influence educational outcomes by maximizing student readiness and engagement. This shifts classroom and school focus away from managing behavior, towards strengthening and building character in a way that increases academic achievement. With our C.O.R.E model, character values and academic values come together.

The B.E.E Kids book series.

The heart of our solution is the new B.E.E. Kids book series. These fun, engaging stories draw students into diverse adventures and present challenges that they encounter in real life, both in and out of school. The B.E.E. Kids character model establishes an engaging basis for program continuity and success, so kids are excited and motivated to participate.


Each book in the series covers a specific Character Core Value and Scholar Skill Focus to equip students with tangible ”take-away” lessons for academic success and character development.



The result? Better social conduct, improved
academics, reduced discipline problems, and a
caring and respectful school community.

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