The proven character education program.

B.E.E. stands for Brilliant, Educated and Empowered, and we help adminstrators, educators and parents teach kids how to succeed with a character education model that shifts classroom and school focus away from just managing behavior, towards strengthening and building character.


Why should your school teach character education?

When our schools incorporate character education into the lives of young people, the difference is wide reaching. As students learn to share universal values such as caring, honesty, fairness, responsibility and respect, they don’t just become better students, they become better citizens.


But character education doesn’t just happen; it requires a comprehensive plan, well-thought curriculum, and specific resources, just like any academic subject. The B.E.E. Academy has developed a proven approach that you can use to produce positive outcomes in your classroom or school, including:


• Develop positive behaviors such as respect, cooperation and compassion

• Teach young learners the value of focus, perseverance and diligence

• Foster ethical behavior that improves your school’s learning environment

• Create a desire for learning and increase academic achievement


Character Boost Camp: A foundation for teaching character.

The central component of our character education program is the Character Boost Camp, a complete curriculum solution designed to be integrate character education into existing classroom approaches, including full integration with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.


The Character Boost Camp utilizes The B.E.E Academy C.O.R.E Development Model, and focuses on strengthening the core of what makes kids great. This approach shifts classroom and school focus away from managing behavior, towards strengthening and building character.


The Character Boost Camp includes everything you need to succeed with character education in your school, class or small group, including:


• Three new titles from the B.E.E. Kids book series

• A complete Curriculum Guide, Lesson Plan and Activity Pack for each book in the series

• Plus additional classroom materials


The result? Better social conduct, improved academics, reduced discipline problems, and a caring and respectful school community.


New! The B.E.E. Kids Books

The heart of our solution to character education is the new B.E.E. Kids book series. These fun, engaging stories draw students into diverse adventures and present challenges that they encounter in real life, both in and out of school. Each book in the series features the B.E.E. Kids, which establishes an engaging basis for program continuity and success, so kids are excited and motivated to participate.


About The B.E.E Academy

The B.E.E. Academy was founded by Shakir McDonald in 2004 to develop character education solutions that empower young learners with tools for lifelong success, including confidence and a fascination for learning. We don’t just cultivate minds, we nurture hearts.


Today, we are developing character education options for an entire schools, individual classrooms, counselors, small groups, and families.


The B.E.E. Academy offers a range of Character Boost Camp learning kits. With a fully-customizable school-wide option, classroom options and a small group option. There’s a perfect fit for just about any situation.

The B.E.E Academy web site is being updated with more character education resources for administrators, educators and parents. Sign-up for news and information below and we'll notify you when our new site is available.

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